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Embedded libraries and examples for the Espardino(tm), that it's an embedded platform based on ARM7TDMI-S.

It provides a set of functions to access the low level hardware in an easy way, including:

ADC Digital I/O On board LEDs PWM inputs (Capture/compare) PWM outputs I2C RTC Small footprint printf (xprintf) A set of opensource libraries and systems are ported and distributed along with Espardino(tm) Hardware abstraction libraries. These libraries include:

FreeRTOS (http://www.freertos.org) EFSL ChanFF filesystem library VCOM (lpcusb based usb serial port) LPCUSB (for custom USB devices) uIP TCP/IP Stack LUA They have their own licenses schemes within LGPL, BSD, MIT, and public domain, please check every license to check you can comply with them in your project.


arm7 libraries lpc2148 espardino lpc2000 embedded

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