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Commit ID 97b2ba8046c4cbd46e012300b2c36b325864c728

Anon80 1554c55d211d161ee6a58518c398d033230850cd9a7322ae32d6dee9831736f0 Contributor: Glenn Brown Files Modified 2
Date: 23-March-2006 at 21:20 Lines Added: 1
Repository: git:// master Lines Removed: 31
Commit Comment: Reviewed by: Marty Conner <>, \ Michael Brown <> [For the record: Michael Brown warns that any driver relying on the feature added here will not be compatible with gpxe's KEEP_IT_REAL options, and not be strictly PXE compliant.] Increase i386 virt_offset alignment to 4kB, so the bottom 12 bits of corresponding virt and bus addrs will be identical. This change facilitates porting drivers to Etherboot, as the vast majority of driver execution environments have this virt/bus alignment relationship, and non-Etherboot drivers often assume bus addresses are aligned if the corresponding virtual addrs are aligned. PCI Express requires DMAs not cross 4kB boundaries, and this large alignment is required by my forthcoming myri10ge.c 10Gb PCI Express driver, which is a minimal port of Myricom's Linux driver. Other Linux driver ports in the future would also surely benefit from this patch. I have successfully tested this approach with our myri10ge.c driver with this pathis patch on all 8 PCI express motherboards I have available to me, representing the following hardware: CPUs: AMD Opteron and Intel EM64T Chipsets: Serverworks, Invidia, VIA, Intel, SiS BIOSes: AMI, Award, IBM, Phoenix AwardBIOS, and Phoenix TrustedCore. The "HAVE_VIRT_OFFSET" lines of the patch are not strictly necessary, but are there for clarity and to avoid changing non-i386 behaviour, since I have no way to test non-i386. src/arch/i386/include/io.h ========================== Define HAVE_VIRT_OFFSET. src/core/relocate.c =================== On architectures that HAVE_VIRT_OFFSET, align virt_offset on a 4KB boundary.

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  C 1 14 0 14 0 3

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src/arch/i386/include/io.h C 0 1 0 0 0 0
src/core/relocate.c C 1 13 0 14 0 3