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PHP Business Process EngineThe Ezer project attempts to offer PHP developrs the abilities of process management.

So far, we can offer the following functionalities.

Done:Configuration management - parses any xml file into php class object. System process management - fork your tasks into several working processes. Sockets management - enables sockets client to connect the server in order to enable remote command and control, or scalability between few servers. Business process management. Support complex variable types. Asynchronous activities. Supported step types: PHP Assign Supported flow types: Sequence Scope If Else ElseIf TODOs:Support more flow types: Flow (concurrent execution of few tasks in the same process). Foreach While RepeatUntil Switch Support more step types: Empty Wait Terminate Throw Rethrow Support XML data type. Support BPEL. WSDL More step types: Invoke Pick Receive Reply Compensate CompensateScope Validate OpaqueActivity Add jquery proccess designer. Add control panel (maybe flex or jquery). Add support for BAM systems. Looked like a lot of work, will be happy for some help.

If you liked it, hated it, want to join and help, or any other feedback, please contact me,

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