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Project Summary

What is FastRandomForest?FastRandomForest is a re-implementation of the Random Forest classifier (RF) for the Weka environment that brings speed and memory use improvements over the original Weka RF.

Speed gains depend on many factors, but a 5-10x increase over Weka 3-6-1 on a quad core computer is not uncommon, along with a 1.5x reduction in memory use.

For detailed tests of speed and classification accuracy, as well as description of optimizations in the code, please refer to the FastRandomForest wiki at http://code.google.com/p/fast-random-forest/w

or email the author at fran.supek\AT\irb.hr.

Unrelated to the FastRF project, an MPI-enabled version of the Random Forest algorithm written in Fortran 90 is available from http://parf.googlecode.com.

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