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JavaPress: Java Blogging / Content Management System

This software is a content management system that runs in a Jakarta Tomcat container with AJAX additions.

Because it runs in Java, it provides a good alternative to the many PHP containers out there. From the technology perspective, it has custom category management, and category exclusion like Slashdot, Rome 0.5 API(s) from Sun Microsystems provides RSS 2.0, 1.x, and Atom x.3 feeds as well as auto generating feeds for each category and can generate Podcasts using the tag. It also has automated XML-RPC pinging using Apache's XML-RPC libraries and can ping up to 50 sites with custom categories (i.e. you can ping javablogs.com with only your "Java" category RSS feed if you wish). It also has a complete user management area where users can edit or delete their comments and manage their information, something lacking in other blogging software. It also includes internal messaging and email notification using JavaMail. It has a custom admin section as well to manage all aspects of the code, and can run on MySQL, PostgreSQL, or any XML JDBC interface using connection pooling. It also uses Hibernate for many Java Beans.

The project is delivered in two sections:

PressCore - The EAR file, although it can be simply deployed as classes in the WEB-INF/classes folder, contains all the workhorse code, including the Technorati integration, Hibernate code, Connection Pooling, JNDI, category management and exclusion, rss generation, podcasting manager, xml-rpc pinging (up to 40 sites now, database driven!) and many other neat things.

PressWeb - The WAR file as it were, or simply the content with the JSP tags and example WEB-INF and META-INF that implements all the db pooling, mailing and other features. Should be easy to set up if you use the /install directory after you deploy this WAR in your Tomcat container (WARNING: Delete this install directory before you release in to production!)

External API(s):

Sun Microsystem's Rome 0.6 for RSS / Atom feed generation
Apache XML-RPC libraries for weblog pinging
Sun Microsystem's Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) v1.2.6_01
Sun Microsystem's JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) v1.1.1_01
Technorati Java API (jTechnorati)


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