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Analyzed 11 days ago. based on code collected 12 days ago.
Posted 14 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
ffado-mixer: don't try loading PyQt?4 if Python3 is in use. While defaulting to PyQt?4 is reasonable if Python2 is in use, this is not generally applicable under Python3. In the Python3 case, PyQt?5 should be used because the python3 code assumes ... [More] the newer API offered by PyQt?5. This patch applies this logic in a way which works on Python3 systems which have both PyQt?4 and PyQt?5 installed. Thanks to David Runge for notifying us about this issue and for an initial patch. [Less]
Posted 16 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
Create 2.4.1 tag to formalise the release of FFADO 2.4.1.
Posted 16 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
Bump version in 2.4.x branch to 2.4.1 for release of FFADO 2.4.1.
Posted 16 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
Merge r2722 through r2770 from trunk into 2.4.x branch. This will form the basis of FFADO 2.4.1.
Posted 27 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
SConstruct: try another approach for ConfigGuess?(). The change made in r2768 seems to break scons2 when running with python2 on some systems (reported by Dave Plater on ffado-devel). It is noted that scons 2.4.1 under python 2.7.14 seems to be ... [More] fine. The crash reported by Dave seemed to be related to the context.Result() call: File "/data/packages/BUILD/ffado-svn/SConstruct", line 472: config_guess = conf.ConfigGuess?() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/SCons/SConf.py", line 640: ret = self.test(context, *args, **kw) File "/data/packages/BUILD/ffado-svn/SConstruct", line 160: context.Result( ret ) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/SCons/SConf.py", line 791: raise TypeError?("Expected string, int or bool, got " + str(type(res))) This patch moves the decode() call so it comes after the context.Result() call. This works under scons 2.4.1 with python 2.7.14, but it seems this is no guarantee that other combinations will be ok. [Less]
Posted 28 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
appdata: adjust screenshot URL. The URL of the appdata screenshot has been adjusted to improve clarity on the web server and provide more flexibility in the future if it's needed.
Posted 28 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
SConstruct: explicitly convert check_output() results to strings. Under python3, check_output() returns bytes rather than strings. To permit certain string operations on the result, explicitly convert this to a string using decode(). This may address some issues encountered when using scons3 with python3.
Posted 28 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
SConstruct: allow for the absence of svnversion during build. Contrary to earlier assumptions, check_output() does not deal gracefully with the absence of the target binary. Trap exceptions raised by check_output() when calling svnversion so FFADO can still be built on systems where subversion is not installed.
Posted 28 days ago by jwoi...@just42.net
Fix handling of errno in test-mixer and test-pan. To maintain compatibility with gcc6, errno can no longer be initialised like a variable. To ensure it's always defined, inclusion of cerrno is needed. These issues were solved in test-volume.cpp ... [More] and test-enhanced-mixer.cpp in r2605 (errno initialisation) and r2607 (inclusion of cerrno). Obviously the same changes are needed in test-mixer and test-pan., and it's not clear how this was missed in the earlier patches. It is probably related to the fact that these test programs are rarely compiled these days. Patch from Dave Plater. [Less]
Posted about 1 month ago by jwoi...@just42.net
Minor python improvements to Scons scripts. Replace older alternatives with subprocess (CheckJackdVer? should be more efficient). Directly use python ordering for tuples. Stop importing unused modules. Replace hand-written comparisons with ... [More] startswith() (one was buggy). Open and close files with context managers. Patch from Nicolas Boulenguez with testing and minor fixes by Jonathan Woithe. [Less]