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Web content filter that uses iptables to block both http and https requests.

Note that this project is not being actively developed, so use at your own risk. It has been successfully used in a school district with hundreds of computers. It worked beautifully there, but your mileage may vary.

Anyone interested in actively maintaining this project please don't hesitate to contact the project administrators.

FeaturesSimple to install: put your dedicated firewall computer between your router and LAN. Nice CherryPy web based control panel for ease of use. Categories White-list (internal ip to external site) RequirementsOld computer to use as dedicated firewall. Pentium III is fast enough to handle at least 10mbps throughput with 3,000 domains in the blocklist. 3 NICs: 1 incoming, 1 outgoing, 1 for the administrative interface. Linux - only tested on Debian Etch. Required software: iptables - tested with 1.3.6 bridge-utils - for brctl; tested with 1.2 Python - tested with 2.4 CherryPy - at least 3.0.1 Genshi - tested with 0.4 python-adns - tested with 1.1.0 SQLObject - tested with 0.7.1 SQLite & python-sqlite python-formencode InstallationSee Installation wiki page.

CreditsKyle Waremburg for the idea, writing the iptables code, and creating the Google Code project. Michael Schurter for the web interface


cherrypy genshi iptables python

In a Nutshell, firewall-admin...

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