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Attention:New project site http://flexmojos.sonatype.org/

What is flex-mojos?A collection of maven plugins to allow maven to compile, optimize, test and ... Flex SWF, Flex SWC, Air SWF and Air SWC.

The main goal is to provide a full support to all mxmlc/compc options.

Those two projects are great, but I believe I can be a good alternative. I made this choice of create a new project when I tried to compile the Adobe Open Source SDK and figure out that will not be possible with none of these.

Major features:

SWF, SWC, AIR and Flex versions; RSL and caching framework support; Modules support; full cover to MXMLC and COMPC options; flex 3; use FLEX-OEM-COMPILER, means it faster, uses less memory, no need of references to local drive; flex unit support; asdoc support; no set

In a Nutshell, flex-mojos...

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