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Analyzed 5 months ago. based on code collected 5 months ago.

Currently flexmud is a telnet application on its way to becoming a MUD.

The goal of flexmud is to be flexible. Hence the name.

It's nowhere near done, it's on its third iteration and it's 10 years old (but still actively developed!). I work on flexmud in my spare time.

I love to talk about my code so don't be bashful if you're looking for code explanations and/or justifications.

Beyond the main goal of a flexible mud I'm also interested in adding color support and a plugin to play the mud from IntelliJ IDEA.

(Jan 2010 - I've started working on a graphical configuration tool in Groovy)

Keywords: Java, Hibernate, HSQLDB, NIO, Command Pattern, Mutlithreaded


In a Nutshell, flexmud...


30 Day Summary

Apr 10 2016 — May 10 2016

12 Month Summary

May 10 2015 — May 10 2016



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