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Flint: a simple Grok-based CMSFlint is a pragmatic and light-weight CMS based on Grok which is useful out-of-the-box, allows trivial customizations to be done trivially, but showcases Grok best practices and therefore leverages the flexibility and pluggability of the Zope Component Architecture to allow deep customization and extension.

In order to be immediately useful, Flint follows the Plone lead by providing ready to use content management and public interfaces. However, Flint's content management interface is not embedded in the public interface, for two reasons: to make it easier to customize one interface without touching the other, and to avoid a single-hierarchy mindset which is detrimental to current content management best practices.

Besides Plone, Flint is inspired by three other pragmatic and light-weight CMSs which aim for flexibility while remaining easy to learn: Radiant (Ruby on Rails, see, Página-1 (a pre-CMF Zope Based CMS developed by Hiperlógica), and Django, which although is not a CMS comes quite close with it's powerful and ready to use admin interface.

To learn more about Flint, check our Wiki Index


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