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The Flowerpot is a jQuery plugin that allows you to overlay images, DOM elements, AJAX content, and iframes onto a web page. You can overlay a single item or associate multiple items (of any type) in a gallery.

FeaturesEasy to use
Just add class="flowerpot" to a link and let The Flowerpot's automatic link detection do the rest for you Easy to customize
Built-in functions for changing locale strings (i18n) and settings, keeping you in control (including turning on/off automatic type detection and gallery thumbnails) Smart
Automatically scales the overlay, regardless of the overlay type Standards-compliant
Valid CSS and (X)HTML Works in all major browsers
IE 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, and Chrome 1+ RequirementsThe Flowerpot relies on the jQuery (1.3+) library. You'll need to load the included CSS as well.

UsageAssuming jQuery is already loaded, include The Flowerpot's CSS and JavaScript files:

@import url(flowerpot.css);
Any element on the page with the class "flowerpot" will launch an overlay. To get a linked image to appear in an overlay, it's as easy as Image. And with automatic type detection, you can link to images, inline divs, YouTube/Vimeo videos, pages on your domain (for AJAX), or external sites (for iFrames).

ImagesImagewill open "photo.jpg" in an overlay. The image will be scaled down if it exceeds the size of the browser window.

DOM ElementsWatch Videowill display the element on the page with the ID "video" in the overlay.

AJAX ContentLoad Contentwill display the text/HTML returned by "ajax.html" in the overlay.

iFrameApple Canadawill display the URL inside the href attribute in the overlay, using an inline frame.

YouTube VideoYouTube Music Videowill display the YouTube video at the link specified (The Flowerpot automatically gets the appropriate data from the URL).

GalleriesMultiple items can be viewed one after another without closing the overlay by adding rel="gallery[NAME]" to each element that should be part of that gallery. You can have as many galleries as you like, with as many items as you'd like, and you can mix all kinds of content in a gallery (i.e. images and iFrames in the same gallery).

LicenseIn keeping with jQuery and most of its plugins, The Flowerpot is dual-licensed under the MIT and GPL (v2 or later) licenses. This means you can pick whichever license you want to use for your project.


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