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Project Summary

Freebase.com has an open API that can be used to access and update structured data. The RESTful http-based API is completely documented at Freebase.com along with some simple examples. This library provides a python interface to that API.

Usage should be as simple as:

>>> import freebase
>>> freebase.mqlread({"id": "/en/david_bowie", "name": None})
{u'id': u'/en/david_bowie', u'name': u'David Bowie'}For more information, see GettingStarted.

This library also provides a number of command-line utilities and APIs for creating, dumping, and reloading schema to make it easy to programatically create schema and move schema from sandbox-freebase.com to freebase.com. For more on this see the recipes pages.

Discussion of this project is hosted at Freebase developers mailing list.

Installing is easy, if you have easy_install, just say

$ easy_install freebasefreebase-python will use the jsonlib2 library if it is already installed, and otherwise will fall back to using the json (Python 2.6+) or simplejson (Python 2.5 and below) modules.

If you don't have easy_install, you can get it by running http://peak.telecommunity.com/dist/ez_setup.py

In a Nutshell, freebase-python...

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