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Free Open Source Software Now Available for Managing Pinewood Derby and Other Scout Races

Free Race Manager is an open source program available to anyone who manages Pinewood Derby or other races. Feel free to download and install on your own server or try it out on the test server http://freeracemanager.jackbubba.com (subject to unpredictable availability).

Current features include:

Manage Multiple Organizations Manage multiple cars and races separately for each organization Generation of Heats based on advanced distribution techniques (Young and Pope) Manage individual heats Track car finishing place in heats Show results on separate page Hosting through internet or on local machine Access to results for family members and friends at distant locations over the internet On-line user guide (under construction)

Ideas for future features include:

video feed connection to racetrack timing hardware track times as well as place Join in on the project:

contribute code groovy/grails based implementation provide requirements or documentation provide support for use by other packs Contact the project lead (Ken Sayers) at mailto://ken.sayers@gmail.com

Visit the project at http://code.google.com/p/freeracemanager

Visit the test site at http://freeracemanager.jackbubba.com


web pinewoodderby grails scouts groovy

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