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Game overviewConqueror is a turn based strategy game where players control units on a hexagon grid battlefield set in medieval time. Contiguous hexagons controlled by a player form a "territory" and income is earned from this territory each turn. Units (peasants, spearmen, knights, and barons) or defensive structures can be purchased in order to expand or defend each territory. The goal is to conquer the entire region or island, exerting dominance over the land. Multiplayer via the internet or AI play.

Implementation overviewThe main game logic will be written in python and designed to run on the Google App Engine. Clients will be browser based and written to take advantage of support for SVG in modern browsers.

Each action a player takes on the client will be sent to the server for double checking (and propagating to other user agents). The AI and other game logic will take place on the server, and the client will have the bare minimum for allowing the player to control and purchase units. The API between client and server will be quantized into "actions" such as "purchase unit", "move unit", "undo", "redo"

Design DocumentThe design document for the game is covered on the DesignDocument page.


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