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Gaelle is a web application that helps managing groups of people like LUGs (Linux Users Groups), Associations, development teams,...
A login system allows members to add/modify/restrict informations that concern themselves. In addition, a visibility feature can be attached to almost every piece of information. For example, one can restrict one's personal phone number access to members only, in order to prevent anonymous visitors using it.
Gaelle also keeps track of subscriptions/dues/donations made by members and can remind renewals in case a periodic subscription scheme has been decided upon.
The gaelle philosophy is that there is no administrator but members with capabilities. Thus, a member can be granted a capability for just only one precise administrative task, in opposition to giving him either the right to do anything or no right at all.
Further, care have been taken to make sure gaelle remains extensible and can be easily integrated, including the possiblity to use some components out of the gaelle pages. For example the login/capability component can be used in a custom page for just about 5 lines of code.
Gaelle is written in php/PostgreSQL, makes use of gettext for internationalizisation purposes and is developed with security in mind.


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