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GalGen Trader is (or at least will be) a 2D space trading and exploration game set in a complex and persistent procedurally-generated universe. Dwarf Fortress in space, if you will.

The game is focused on providing a large amount of freedom-of-choice in a massive, consistent, and interesting galaxy. The player can be a merchant, or a bounty hunter, or a mercenary- or a politician, or a soldier. Every choice the player makes will have some lasting impact on the universe, albeit usually a small one.

The game is written in Python 3, and makes heavy use of its ability to import arbitrary code at runtime, allowing for an "extension" system that can add new content, mechanics, or even override parts of the core game.


2d elite game procedural procedural_generation python3 simulation space trading

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May 13 2019 — Jun 12 2019

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Jun 12 2018 — Jun 12 2019


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