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I Have Joined the tapestry5-components ProjectDevelopment on this library has ceased, but fear not! I have joined the tapestry5-components project and have integrated the SlideShow component into the library. The library is updated much more frequently, and even though that doesn't automatically make me more dilligent, it does mean that is where my code will be committed. Look forward to further development and please, use the library, share your input, and help make it better!

Components for the Tapestry 5 web application framework.This project is a collection of components for the Tapestry 5 framework. The aim is to contribute components that would ease the life of developers by encapsulating common needs. Some components will be based on existing components for other frameworks or general javascript niceties, and others will originate from this project.

Important Compatibility InformationTapestry 5 is still unreleased. As such this library is generally developed against the current snapshot from svn. As of now the development trunk of the library requires version 5.0.8-SNAPSHOT, while the 0.2.0 release was released against 5.0.7.

Start HereFor all documentation, refer to the wiki. Here are some links worth pointing out to new comers:

ComponentList The list of components and their wiki pages. HowToRunTheDemos The project is equipped with a ready-to-run demo app, so users can painlessly see how the components look and function in a live application. This page shows how to run the app. InstallingTheMavenArtifact This page shows how you can get the source and install the maven artifact from it. This is the preferred method for using development versions of the library. This page also includes instructions on using the new maven snapshot repository, which is the best way to stay current.


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