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...krshukla says:
Essential software  
written almost 9 years ago

Good quality, stable and rocking. I use it on daily basis.

Would get my 5 if error checking and mistake-proofing were enhanced. Also support on windows is not that good.

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kings_mitra says:
A true leader....  
written almost 9 years ago

Being a cross platform compiler, GCC is often the compiler of choice for developing software that is required to execute on a wide variety of hardware and/or operating systems.

As most of the compiler with GCC, is the same on every platform, only code which explicitly uses platform-specific features has to be rewritten for each system.

It has also been ported to more kinds of processors and operating systems than any other compiler.

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morganv says:
GNU Compiler Collection  
written about 8 years ago

all gathered in one place, very convenient

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Caglow says:
The Only Free Ada Compiler  
written almost 8 years ago

There are quite a few Ada compilers floating around on the internet. The only Ada compiler that's actually free (libre) is GNAT. It excels at everything from error reporting to generating excellent code.

With it's inclusion into GCC, it's getting even better. So sure, the GPL exception's gone but who needs it anyways?

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drummyfish says:
Excellent project  
written 4 months ago

GCC powers our free software and we owe a lot to it. It's always my first choice for compiling C/C++. There's many useful options, such as optimizations, different compilation stages, warning messages etc. The only problem I can remember was a missing support for some new advanced C++ header from the standard lib, but that's basically it. Can't even remember facing any bugs. Awesome job here.

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