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Posted about 1 year ago by tomlohave
If you don’ read the devel list, you maybe didn’t notice that our sources are now hosted on github. for devel : (or using mercurial : ) for regular GeeXboX, we are still using mercurial, but it should change with next release.
Posted almost 2 years ago by tomlohave
A new GeeXboX release has arrived! GeeXboX 3.1 is an upgrade that integrates XBMC 12.2 “Frodo”. Like the previous version, you can use GeeXboX to watch and record live TV. In addition to our usual x86 ISOs, this release is also available for several embedded platforms, with working full HD video and graphics acceleration for […]
Posted almost 2 years ago by ben
Proud of its long-term partnership with SolidRun, the GeeXboX team is announcing that support for new CuBox-i has started in our development tree. The CuBox-i is the new generation of CuBox MediaCenter. Keeping the same exiting specification than its ... [More] old sister (the legacy CuBox), a 90g 5x5cm fully-connected box, the new i-series, features a tremendous […] [Less]
Posted over 2 years ago by davide
This has actually been working for a while, but time to make an official announcement. We’ve successfully ported GeeXboX to the Raspberry Pi board! This includes full OpenGL ES acceleration for XBMC, 1080p HD video hardware decoding and HDMI-CEC support. There’s no official release yet, but in the meantime you can try one of the [...]
Posted over 2 years ago by ben
Today marks the new partnership between GeeXboX and SolidRun, the company manufacturing the CuBoX hardware. GeeXboX HTPC distribution has been supporting this platform for quite a long time and is SolidRun’s has trusted our software to reveal their hardware’s true capabilities. Priced at 120€ only, this 5 x 5 x 5 cm small box makes [...]
Posted almost 3 years ago by tomlohave
one update for xbmc on panda : this fix the green bug watching live-tv. Many thanks to Su Liangbiao for this as usual : opkg update opkg upgrade
Posted almost 3 years ago by tomlohave
i386 & x86_64  : a bug for tvheadend is fixed that prevent access to user interface from a browser, omap4 panda : xbmc : fix to play files over samba shares. 2 ways to do this : 1) just do  from a remote shell or in vt2 : opkg update opkg upgrade or 2) from [...]
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