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Minor projects for classes, fun or learning.

Current projects:Hanoi ShowerA graphical demonstration of Towers of Hanoi, using recursion to solve the problem and Observer pattern to separate logic from user interface. AWT has been used for GUI.
SNMP NotifierApplication to help me keep track of changes on external IP address of SNMP enabled ADSL modems. When a new IP address is assigned to the modem by the telephone company, an email is sent informing the new value. Thus, I can access home web server from anywhere without worrying about modem restarts.
Movie DatabaseCrawls IMDb's movie pages, extracts movie information and saves it in a local database. This allows one to make more complex queries on movies.
Net SenderThe easiest way for Windows hosts within a LAN to chat when the damn Internet is down and no messenger works. Basically a GUI that wraps net send functionality.
Simple Net / Simple ChatAn infrastructure to create server/client desktop applications. This kind of app needs various threads to handle message exchange over network in order to keep the GUI fresh (not blocked), since network operations are time consuming and error prone. Simple Net hides the complexity of sockets and threads and notifies clients of network events, like message arrivals and client (dis)connections. Simple Net doesn't impose any protocol to the messages exchanged between server and clients. Simple Chat is a chat application that uses Simple Net infrastructure. It's intended to test Simple Net functionality. Resource downloaderSuppose you have a URL "A", the page pointed by the URL "A" have many other URLs "B" that match a pattern. Suppose that the pages pointed by each of "B" URL have many other URLs "C" to resources (say images) that match a pattern. Informing "A" URL and the patterns that describe "B" and "C" URLs, Resource Downloader can automatically download all the resources for you. Pretty simple, but showed useful to me.


automaticimagedowload chat clientserver imdb messageexchange moviedatabase observerpattern snmp towersofhanoi urlspider windowsnetsend

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