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Git Commit Notifier

Sends email commit messages splitting commits that were pushed in one step.
Email is delivered as text or HTML with changes refined per word. Emails
have a scanable subject containing the first sentence of the commit as well
as the author, project and branch name.

It’s also possible to send a mail to a newsgroup using NNTP.

For example:

[rails][branch] Fix Brasilia timezone. [#1180 state:resolved]
A reply-to header is added containing the author of the commit. This makes
follow up really simple. If multiple commits are pushed at once, emails are
numbered in chronological order:


In a Nutshell, git-commit-notifier...



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Dec 16 2014 — Jan 15 2015

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Jan 15 2014 — Jan 15 2015
  • 22 Commits Down -82 (78%) from previous 12 months
  • 5 Contributors Down -11 (68%) from previous 12 months



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