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Posted 3 months ago by Marcin Kulik
We’re happy to announce the release of Gitorious 3.2, which brings new features, performance improvements, bug fixes and last, but not least – support for Ubuntu 14.04. New Features and Notable Changes One of the biggest improvements in Gitorious ... [More] 3.2 is the ability to push (write) over the HTTP(S) protocol where previous versions used HTTP(S) as a read-only protocol. […] [Less]
Posted 5 months ago by Marcin Kulik
We’re happy to announce that Gitorious just added support for pushing over HTTP(S) protocol in addition to the existing pushing over SSH. This is especially good news for developers whose organizations’ network policies don’t allow for outgoing SSH ... [More] connections and for people traveling (for the same, network related reason). You can do the following now: git clone […] [Less]
Posted 5 months ago by Marcin Kulik
Yesterday it was announced that a critical vulnerability has been discovered in GNU Bash. By exploiting the vulnerability a user can execute arbitrary commands on the server. While these commands may not run with root privileges it’s still a ... [More] dangerous attack vector. There are several ways to exploit the vulnerability, one of them is especially dangerous to Gitorious. […] [Less]
Posted 7 months ago by sickill
We’re using Go for some parts of the Gitorious project and one of the recently open sourced sub-projects written in Go is git-archive-daemon. It’s a scalable, high-performance HTTP API for serving archives of git repositories. While implementing this ... [More] tool we noticed several apparent patterns emerge which are not specific to git archive generation and can […] [Less]
Posted 8 months ago by sickill
We’re happy to announce Gitorious 3.1 – a minor upgrade bringing several new features, many improvements and lots of bugfixes. Detailed list of the changes can be found in our CHANGELOG, the highlights of this release are presented below. New features and notable changes Our commenting system got further improvements. On all diff views you can […]
Posted over 1 year ago by Piotr Solnica
Today we are proud and happy to announce the official release of Gitorious 3.0. This is a major upgrade which ships with a refreshed UI, a lot of improvements, and new features. It has been a huge effort by both the original Gitorious developers, who started the work on version 3.0 a year ago, as […]
Posted over 1 year ago by sickill
The “Inbox” feature was added to Gitorious about 4 years ago and it was meant to give our users an easy way of communication. While we know it is a useful feature for many of you, we are also aware that it hasn’t gotten enough love recently. We’d love to know more about how you […]
Posted over 1 year ago by Marius Mathiesen
Gitorious 3 has been in the next branch of Gitorious’ mainline repository since last autumn. We started out building a new code browser for Gitorious which would perform better than our previous solution, with server-side syntax highlighting of any programming language out there. At that time we had fallen behind on versions of Ruby on […]
Posted over 1 year ago by Marius Mathiesen
With Gitorious 3 just about to be released, we’ve got some more news that we’re really excited about. The current Gitorious team has been working full time on Gitorious since January 2011, and over the last two and a half years we’ve managed to improve the quality, stability and feature set in Gitorious – while […]
Posted over 1 year ago by Marius Mathiesen
The time has finally come to deploy Gitorious 3.0 to the servers. We are planning to do the upgrade the coming Monday August 26th, starting at 10:00 AM CET. We expect a smooth upgrade process, but may be unavailable for up to two hours while we perform the upgrade. We will post an […]