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GladSToNe is an educational tool for learning about hi-performance audio handling for real-time transmissions. The goal of the project is to use the open source model to improve the psycho acoustics, noise shaping and speed of audio transmissions over IP.

The core is an optimization patch applied on ITU-T reference code (to be downloaded from , the C source is part of the specs). Wrapping around it, encoder and decoder GStreamer elements are provided as well.

It has been tested against some industry-grade devices and is roughly working. Some minor issues must still be addressed and fixed.

NOTE 1: before configuring the project you need to download g729 ITU-T specifications (with reference code) and set G729_PATH environment variable to point to a c_code folder (so far only annex A has been tested), e.g.: export G729_PATH=/home/gibrovacco/Soft/g729AnnexA/c_codeNOTE 2: before compiling with GCC the makefiles coder.mak and decoder.mak (in the chosen ITU-T reference code folder) must be modified accordingly (see in the files themself for more hints). NOTE 3: some files in reference code are all upper case.. you should convert them to lower case (I suggest you a combination of find/awk -or sed-/xargs).


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