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Google's AdWords API service lets developers design computer programs that interact directly with the AdWords platform. With these applications, advertisers and third parties can more efficiently -- and creatively -- manage their large or complex AdWords accounts and campaigns.

AdWords API Java Client Library makes it easier to write Java clients to programmatically access AdWords accounts.

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FeaturesSingle jar file with precompiled stub classes to write Java clients Outgoing and incoming SOAP message are monitored and logged on demand Support for API calls to production system or sandbox Tracking of all API usage Loading of user credentials from local file or source code Online documentation -- AdWords API Team


03/15/10 Java client library v7.1.1 released.Change log here 03/02/10 Java client library v7.1.0 released: AuthToken enhancements. Change log here 02/17/10 Java client library v7.0.0 released: ServiceAccountantManager memory issues fixed, v200906 removed. Change log here 01/21/10 Java client library v6.4.0 released: ServiceAccountantManager bug fixes. Change log here 12/10/09 Java client library v6.3.0 released: updates to examples and bug fixes. Change log here 11/25/09 Java client library v6.2.0 released: updates for v200909 services. Change log here 10/22/09 Java client library v6.0.0 released: updates for v200909 generated code. Change log here 7/21/09 Java client library v5.1.0 released: updates for v200906 generated code. Change log here 7/02/09 Javadocs now hosted online. Visit here


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