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OpenID Consumer/Relying Party (RP) for Google App Engine Django projects implemented as a Django app.

Derived by Wesley Tanaka from Brian Ellin's WSGI OpenID consumer.

Patches/suggestions appreciated.

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To install with a new Google App Engine project:

Get the Google App Engine Helper for Django. You will need a version which works with the Django bundled with the latest version of the App Engine SDK. Get the google-app-engine-django-openid source (using the Source tab above) and copy it into the same directory, overwriting from the App Engine Helper distribution add 'openidgae' to INSTALLED_APPS in add 'openidgae.middleware.OpenIDMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in To install with an existing Google App Engine project:

get the openid and openidgae directories from the subversion respository and put them in your main application directory Modify your using this as an example add 'openidgae' to INSTALLED_APPS in add 'openidgae.middleware.OpenIDMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in To get a copy of the latest svn trunk without any polluting .svn directories, you should be able to do:

svn export google-app-engine-django-openid-export


In a Nutshell, google-app-engine-django-openid...


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