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This project has been reported as a duplicate of Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java. This project will be deleted upon review by an Open Hub administrator.


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This library was renamed to Guava!
What you see here is ancient and unmaintained. Do not use it.

Guava is a fully compatible superset of the old Google Collections Library. It also includes years worth of bug fixes, doc fixes, and performance fixes, so we strongly encourage you to use Guava instead of Google Collections.

If your application ever ends up with both google-collect-1.0.jar and guava-r##.jar on the same classpath, simply remove the Google Collections JAR and you should be fine. If you don't remove it, it will either cause terrible problems (if it comes before guava in the classpath) or will never even be seen anyway (if it comes after).

The project you're looking at now will not be maintained. We apologize for any confusion this causes.


collections java referencemap weakreferences iterators multimap immutable softreferences mapmaker google functional predicate generics multiset

In a Nutshell, google-collections...

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