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Analyzed about 2 years ago. based on code collected over 5 years ago.

Goolog is the tiniest and fastest blog you can find around.

Goolog 0.7 is OUTfix cannot save file on windows server permalink enabled remove page xhtml 1.0 to 1.1 mobileOK simple search 10% speed enhancement simple rss2.0 enabled other minor tweaks What does Goolog have?post: diary with comment(direct HTML in content) comment: comment by visitors page(not included): post + link = page category: label for post link: blog roll archive: monthly post index search(new): useful when post is not categorized rss2.0: subscribe blog calendar(not included): fancy but almost useless tag cloud(not included): category should be used instead ...goolog includes almost all you need.

What is Goolog?Goolog is a blogging engine written in PHP. Goolog is designed to be utilized on free webhost providers which do not provide access to databases such as MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Who might need Goolog?Goolog is designed to be utilized on free webhost providers since these do not always provide access to a database. It involves no database considerations on part of the webmaster since the database that powers Goolog is spontaneously generated.

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Can I change Goolog?Goolog is open source this implies that others can make changes to the original code. However, you must keep a convenient and prominently visible feature on every generated page that displays "powered by goolog". It must be static, visible and readable.

How to use Goolog?You will see "index.php" in downloaded zip file and read HowToInstall.

Current Stable version is 0.7[0.1 Release Date:1/15/2009]
[0.2 Release Date:2/23/2009]
[0.3 Release Date:4/27/2009]
[0.4 Release Date:7/12/2009]
[0.5 Release Date:10/4/2009]
[0.6 Release Date:11/22/2009]
[0.7 Release Date:02/23/2010]Changelog

Developer EmailPlease email modified code to: tailinchu at gmail dot com to inspire Goolog.


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