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Posted 14 days ago by radioman
are you sure? ;} check the demo, works excellent
Posted 15 days ago by NDennis
I have a set of gps latitude and longitudes in a database and use: MapRoute route = GMap.NET.MapProviders.OpenStreetMapProvider.Instance.GetRoute(start, end, false, false, 15); to map a complex route, and it maps perfectly down to the correct ... [More] traffic lane. I'm also using FromLocalToLatLng to get the map coordinates to display on a Panel on gMapControl1_MouseMove( ). But looking at the database gps data I can tell the FromLocalToLatLng latitude and longitudes coordinates are incorrect. I found this: http://greatmaps.codeplex.com/discussions/623565 but I cannot get it to work with Winforms. Any C# Winforms help with and example much appreciated. Thank you. [Less]
Posted 16 days ago by kath123
Hi I have 10,000 - 15,000 markers showing at different times, my problem is the speed when zooming or panning. In a different discussion you mention checking out the traffic demos. I couldnt find them could you tell me where to look. Also if I use smaller markers do you think that would help with the speed?
Posted 17 days ago by jwensel7189
Hi there! I have recently come across the GMaps.Net component and find it very useful for our application. One of the questions that was brought to me was, "Can the map be a Satellite view?" and I told them yes, I just had to switch my map ... [More] provider to GoogleSatellite aps and that was it. Well, apparently that isn't it. My google satellite maps starts out OK, but when you try to zoom in/down to street level...my map never updates/refreshes the layout...so it just becomes a blurry mess!. Is there a way to fix this and if so how? I even tried bing maps and those worked absolutely perfectly when zooming down to the lowest level but the bing map was out dated by like 3 or so years. Is there something i'm missing? i have the most recent version 1.7, .NET 4.0. Please...any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Josh [Less]
Posted 26 days ago by Gojira
I have this same question but in more general terms. If I use the Google maps app on my android phone and have it make a region available for offline usage, it pulls the whole bundle down in under a minute and then I am able to zoom to any level ... [More] without being online. I assume what is happening here is that it is pulling down the raw map data, not the tile image data, and then rendering the tiles as needed on the local device? I say this because there are millions of tiles that would have to be downloaded in order to get all zoom levels for an entire city. The OSM servers prohibit this and even using a paid commercial server it seems like it would be impractical (in terms of time required at least) to download all of the tiles exhaustively. So if my assumptions are correct, is there any way to have GMap.NET get the raw map data and do the rendering locally? If not, what do you suggest? Perhaps just not supporting the highest zoom levels for offline? EDIT: I just read that google maps don't use image tiles any more but rather use vector graphics which makes them self-scaling and require far less space. How does this work with GMap.NET? Are the vectors being converted to PNGs locally or does google still have a legacy API that provides bitmap tiles? [Less]
Posted 26 days ago by cdrtim
i want to capture inside form screen and then pick this picture in new Form. how can i do
Posted 28 days ago by Yonatanl
Instead of using the regular web broweser to see google maps, I chosen GMap.NET. but I got the same bug. when I open other UI elements that overlaps the map' instead of being under' the map displaying over the other UI elements. hope for your quick response, Yonatan.
Posted about 1 month ago by NDennis
I doubt it, but will this affect us at all? http://blog.mangomap.com/post/108790608911/the-end-of-google-maps-engine-causes-mass Thanks
Posted about 1 month ago by poloseven
Hello, Would you have any advice to avoid this problem ? Thanks, Paul
Posted about 1 month ago by sandeepindigis
Hello,I am using GMap.Net.Core and GMap.Net.WindowsForms API to show map and put multiple markers over it.Now the issue is If I have put multiple markers over the map and I want to move one of the marker to some other location, how can I achieve ... [More] this?I went through with several articles and forums but it did not worked for me yet.I am adding marker as below: gMapOverlay.Markers.Add(marker); //marker.ToolTipMode = MarkerTooltipMode.Always; marker.ToolTip = new GMapRoundedToolTip(marker); marker.ToolTipText = "Coordinates: (" + Convert.ToString(gMapControl.FromLocalToLatLng(e.X, e.Y).Lat) + "," + Convert.ToString(gMapControl.FromLocalToLatLng(e.X, e.Y).Lng) + ")"; lstPoints.Add(new PointLatLng(gMapControl.FromLocalToLatLng(e.X, e.Y).Lat, gMapControl.FromLocalToLatLng(e.X, e.Y).Lng)); GMap.NET.WindowsForms.GMapRoute route = new GMapRoute(lstPoints, "Route"); gMapOverlay.Routes.Add(route); gMapControl.Overlays.Add(gMapOverlay);How to move marker to some other location over map?Please help. [Less]