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Very simple client for Twirex ( If you want to join to the development of this client feel free to contact me.

The client will grow as the Twirex's API grows. There's still a lot to do!

Windows users:You can download the latest version on the Downloads section:( )

Extract the folder and execute GrrIt.exe. (I recommend to make a shortcut for your desktop). Configure your account. You can use grr-it now.

Linux users:Make an anonymous checkout:

svn checkout grr-it-read-only

To see it in action you just need to run the file ( $> python ) Some linux distributions already have got enough things to run it. (otherwise: sudo apt-get install python-gtk2)

Compatible with ANY OS that has installed python, and pygtk libraries.

You may need pygtk, pyGObject and pyCairo... (available at, in order to run the app.


In a Nutshell, grr-it...



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Jun 4 2015 — Jul 4 2015

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