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GSMSMSAiming to handle both the sending and receiving of SMS messages via a RS232 GSM modem while using minimal dependencies. Developed and tested with FreeBSD but should work with other POSIX environments (like Linux) as well as MS Windows.

Wrote in Python with py-serial.

Status: Alpha

Supported OS: FreeBSD

Supported Hardware: RS232 GSM modems which supports TEXT mode (PDU mode may become supported in the future)

Need Testers For: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, BeOS, and more!

Python Modules: py-serial and smtplib - that's it!

News10th December 2008 - v0.2.1 released!

Here is the next version which now has a very basic web frontend for the SMS server component for sending SMS messages. See the README file as usual!

23rd November 2008 - v0.2.0 released!

Here is the next version which now includes a SMS server component. As always don't forget to read the README file. Enjoy! I'm also looking into a small web component to go with the SMS server so messages can be sent via a web browser. Watch this space!

22nd November 2008 - Upcoming release, v0.2.0!

The next version will include a new server component which will handle the sending AND receiving of SMS messages by combining the previous two programs into one, don't worry as the server component is in it's own program. Watch this space!

21st November 2008 - v0.1.1 released!

This new version now supports receiving an SMS in TEXT mode, the messages are then e-mailed to the user of your choice. You can also define a non-ISDN number. Hope you all like it!

19th November 2008 - Upcoming release, v0.1.1!

I've just finished the RECEIVE part of this project. Needs a bit more testing before I can release - FYI: It uses "smtplib" to send the e-mail to you. This is usually part of Python so you shouldn't have to download any extra modules. Watch this space!

18th November 2008 - v0.1.0 released!

This first release of GSMSMS currently only supports SENDING a SMS. This project is considered to be in it's ALPHA stage: which means it's likely to contain some bugs and most certainly not feature-complete. As always, read the README file on how to use it. Hope you all like it!


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