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Summarygwt-diagrams is GWT library which provides diagramming capability to web applications.

Demo is available here.

Notes02.10.2008: gwt-diagrams 0.2-RC00 is now available for download, requires GWT 1.5. Work on stable release version is in progress ... 13.03.2008: there are some delays in development of 0.2 version. Actual preview is still here. 0.2.RC01 is expected till end of March and stable 0.2 release is expected at end of April.
20.01.2008: development of 0.2 release is pending. You can preview demo snapshot of immature version here 01.01.2008: gwt-diagrams 0.1 is now available for download :) 01.01.2008: 0.1 was tested on: IE6, IE7, FF2.0 (win), Opera 9 (win), Safari 3 (win). Recent CrossBrowserRaport 12.2007: known issue: straight/bezier connections doesn't work in hosted mode on linux (gecko 1.7) more Hello world examplepublic class ExampleEntryPoint implements EntryPoint {

public void onModuleLoad() {

// elements to connect
Widget label1 = new Label("Hello");
Widget label2 = new Label("world");
RootPanel.get().add(label1, 100, 100);
RootPanel.get().add(label2, 200, 200);

// gwt-diagrams stuff
Connector c1 = UIObjectConnector.wrap(label1);
Connector c2 = UIObjectConnector.wrap(label2);
Connection connection = new RectilinearTwoEndedConnection(c1, c2);


more code examples


Connector sth. that can be conneted with another Connector Connection UI widget representing connection eg. line between two Connectors Direction UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT - direction in which Connection can grow from Connector ConnectionData internal structure representing connection. It is internaly computed by ConnectonDataCalculator


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