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Posted over 1 year ago by andreasmihm
If you want to have a more detailed into what has changed with Gyrex 1.3, here’s the Changelog gyrex 1.3 changelog (compared to 1.2) - complete maven build support – bundle directory restructuring – fixed unit tests – introduced SystemSetting concept for better property access (Gunnar) – Console command for updating context service filters – […]
Posted about 2 years ago by andreasmihm
As part of the Eclipse Luna release train the Gyrex development team has released version 1.3 of Eclipse Gyrex. Eclipse Gyrex is an cluster application framework on top of Equinox OSGi. It provides seamless and pain-free creation and operation of ... [More] OSGi clusters. With Gyrex 1.3. the following new functionality is available: Distributed EventBus With the EventBus it’s […] [Less]
Posted about 4 years ago by Gunnar
It’s the second time Gyrex participated in the Eclipse Simultaneous Release Train. We released our 1.1 version together with Juno. Gyrex 1.1 can be downloaded here: The release review slides as well as the IP ... [More] log is available here: We also added new tutorials together with this release: New Administration UI Gyrex [...] [Less]
Posted about 4 years ago by Gunnar
It’s my pleasure today to announce the general availability of version 1.0 of Gyrex. It’s a great milestone that finally brings us out of incubation. It emphasizes the fact the Gyrex is used in production today. We’ve been using it for a couple of ... [More] years now. Gyrex 1.0 can be downloaded here: The release review [...] [Less]
Posted over 4 years ago by Gunnar
One of the challenging parts at Eclipse is doing the release engineering work. Large projects may have dedicated resources as well as well established processes. We don’t. However, I like the way the Eclipse project is doing their builds. They have (over simplified) a “” file that contains a list of bundles and a SCM tag to [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Gunnar
A few days ago we silently published the official repo for our second official Eclipse release. Gyrex 0.11 is now available. The IP log as well as the release review slides are available here. Gyrex 0.11 can be downloaded here: There is also a change in our development plan. Gyrex is now used in [...]
Posted over 4 years ago by Gunnar
Hey, just a quick reminder that there will be a hacking session at EclipseCon Europe today at 3:30pm (15:30 Uhr) in Seminarräume 5. Developing Runtime Applications with Eclipse Gyrex Thursday, 15:30, Seminarräume 5 Bring your laptop with you and we’ll build a small sample application for you to play with. Filed under: Events
Posted about 6 years ago by Gunnar
Hurray, long story short, I finally managed to switch the Gyrex website to the new default template as well as structure. Here is a copy of the posting I just sent to the Gyrex newsgroup. Hi, Today I published some updates to our main website. We now use the new default look on the landing [...]
Posted over 7 years ago by Gunnar
Great news guys, Gyrex is alive. Our name change review got approved and CloudFree will now be renamed to Gyrex. Meet us at EclipseCon! There will be a BoF on Monday evening (Room 201, 20:45-22:00). The scheduling is a bit unfortunate because there is the Jetty BoF in parallel. We make heavy use of Jetty [...]