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This is a library of Haskell files associated with my licenciate thesis from 2002. The library consists of the following:

implementations of different parser combinators (chapters 3–4 and 8) implementations of different context-free parsing algorithms (chapters 5–7) Note 1: This is a programming library! Good knowledge of Haskell is required.

Note 2: This code was written in 2002, and has not been modified since. It should work, but I do not guarantee anything at this time.

Note 3: You will need the following extensions of Haskell 98, which both Hugs and GHC has: Multi-parameter type classes with functional dependencies, and Existential quantification in data types.

ReferencesPeter Ljunglöf. Pure Functional Parsing - an advanced tutorial. Licenciate thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, April 2002.


parser-combinators context-free parsing haskell

In a Nutshell, haskell-functional-parsing...

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