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Posted about 10 years ago by Oliver Gierke
The latest episode of the JavaPosse podcast presents a session of the this year’s JavaPosse roundup on Scala and application modularity. Although I attended the conference I did not attend this session, which is rather sad in retrospect as the attendees discuss a lot of things I also deal with. As a note aside I want [...]
Posted over 10 years ago by Oliver Gierke
It’s been a silent release, nevertheless I want to post a tiny shout about it. Hera is a small plugin library that allows you to create pluggable architectures based on Spring using build time configuration. You might want to find out details by skimming my introducing blog post about it. 0.4 is not a very feature [...]
Posted over 10 years ago by Oliver Gierke
Attenting Devoxx last week, I had the chance to talk to Joshua Bloch about an compiler issue I had a while ago implementing static factory method pattern from his book. Take this as example: public class PluginRegistry , S> { public static , S> PluginRegistry create() { return [...]
Posted almost 11 years ago by Oliver Gierke
I blogged about Hades, an OpenSource project I lead a while ago. Today I want to launch another neat library. Much smaller than Hades but IMHO useful nevertheless. Developing Spring applications you often come to the point of having a component that should get a list of collaborateurs injected. The component in turn does select one [...]