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Start of the Game - Positions of the Figures
Two Players, each having

1 Witch
1 Raven
2 Brooms
2 Bats
2 Towers
7 Toads
The hexagonal chessboard and the positions of the figures of the two players at the beginning of the game.

Herre, like in the conventional chessThe two Players face each other frontally (see Picture).

The raven stands in the corner, his witch directly before it, on the left a broom flanks the raven and a bat on the right, a tower is directly on the left near this broom, the second tower on the right near this bat. The second broom stands directly before the first broom and the second bat directly before the first bat. Seven Toads enclose the more powerful figures.

Game Rules

The rules and principles are similar to conventional chess. The black Raven plays against the red Raven, and Witch respectively.The red player begins. The turn of the players is alternating. Each time one move is made by a player. If the own figure is moved to a field, which is occupied by a figure of the opposing player, then this figure is struck and removed from the field.

Please have a look at http://www.hexenspiel.de/engl for a more detailed description and some pictures.

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