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Hoime aims to simplify the use of existing dependency injection frameworks by eliminating explicit injection code. This is achieved by weaving injection requests into object constructors as required.

The goal is to move from this:

Injector injector = ...
Greeter g = new Greeter("Richard");
assertEquals("Hello Richard", g.getText());to this:

Greeter g = new Greeter("Richard");
assertEquals("Hello Richard", g.getText());Basic usage is as follows.

Determine which classes to include/exclude from transparent injection, before any injectable classes have been loaded:

InjectionContext.setIncludedClasses("hoime.guice.**");Configure the dependency injection framework you are using, Guice in this case.

Module module = new AbstractModule() {
protected void configure() {
Injector injector = Guice.createInjector(module);Attach it to hoime:

InjectionContext.setInjector(new GuiceInjector(injector));Start using your transparently injected objects:

String greeting = new Greeter("Richard").getText();
assertEquals("Moshimoshi Richard", greeting);Now run your application, passing in the hoime jar as a javaagent:

java -javaagent:hoime-1.0.jar ...Currently there is support for Guice, Spring and Pico dependency injection. Constructor injection is not supported. See test suites for examples.


spring guice dependencyinjection di

In a Nutshell, hoime...

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