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Holly Gtk Widgets - A free library of .NET/GTK# widgetsFor the use of HollyLibrary.dll you will need:mono >= 1.9 gtk-sharp, gtk-dotnet,gdk-sharp, pango-sharp >= 2.10 mono.cairo >= 2.0 System.Drawing >= 2.0 Download the latest build from here:HollyLibrary.dll

Download the demo app from here:demo.tar

Featured widgets (with screen shots):

Widget Short description HFontPicker A office like font picker widget HDateEdit A date-time picker supporting custom formatting options HSimpleList A simple list widget, inspired by the Winforms Listbox control ( has the nice Items collection, the OwnerDrawn property and the OnMeasureItem, OnDrawItem events ). HSimpleComboBox A simple combobox widget, inspired by the Winforms Combobox control HRegExEntry A simple entry with regular expressions validation. Has a small icon that changes if the content is valid or invalid. HColorPicker A simple color picker drop-down ( office like ) HToolTip A nice ballon tooltip window HIpEntry A widget that alows the user to enter an IPv4 address HTreeView A simple to use TreeView widget, similar to the winforms one HComboTree A easy to use combobox with a treeview ( HTreeView ) inside HComboFolder A combobox widget with a folder tree popup HColorPickerWidget - HColorPickerDialog A adobe photoshop like color picker widget / dialog. HLabel A label widget with text position and icon position properties HImageCheckBox A checkbox widget with custom icons and text position properties

Some utility classes:

CairoUtil GraphUtil GrabUtil WinUtil

In the futureCurrent TODO list is here.

AttentionFor win32 users: Library is not tested on win32 systems, but theoretically it should work.

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