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Analyzed over 4 years ago. based on code collected over 6 years ago.

humpic-framework a framework include some commons-utils, thirdpart product integration.

humpic-framework-mvc a mvc framework base on humpic-framework & spring-framework.
feature: not any xml config files.

humpic-walrus a O/R mapping tools for java, like apache iBatis.

humpic-DBCodeGenerate a java code auto generator.
for jdbc, dao, walrus, ibatis, hibernate, simple-CRUD operators.

humpic-javadoc2chm convert sun javadoc html to microsoft chm format. (support index, search)

humpic-batchmail a simple batch mail sender, support html & attachments.

humpic-json The JSON data interchange format is easily supported in Java.

humpic-javascript a humpic javascript lib for web 2.0 (some based jQuery)

humpic-socketjs a humpic javascript lib for web push (flash xmlsocket && java applet)

humpic-Qscript a dynamic script language based java,like Javascript、Python、Ruby


Chen Guoqiang (




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