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Tools for proofing calendaring data in iCalendar (RFC 2445) format.

These tools currently consist of a RESTful web service and an optional Web page front-end, through which one can also submit data to that web service. They will use the validation routines of various open source iCalendar parsing libraries to "proof" iCalendar data, to identify possible errors in that data. (Since there is no definitive iCalendar data validator, they are described as "proofing" tools, rather than as validators.)

These tools can be used by producers of iCalendar data to help generate spec-compliant data, and by consumers of iCalendar data to identify possible issues with the data they receive.

These tools are being developed via an informal voluntary project on the part of several members of the IOPTEST Technical Committee, Calendaring & Scheduling Consortium (CalConnect),

At some future time, these tools may later also be capable of proofing data meeting future iCalendar specifications and standards-based XML-based representations of iCalendar.


In a Nutshell, icalendar-proofing...


30 Day Summary

Apr 8 2016 — May 8 2016

12 Month Summary

May 8 2015 — May 8 2016



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