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Icarus is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) daemon based on Unreal version and initially is to be some 3rd party module additions that we feel should be in the core as well as some removal of Unreal's infamous "God powers" from the core and made optional in modules.conf.

Icarus also removes most of the grouped oper flags but leaves the sane ones in-place to allow functionality. Individual opers can then have flags set based on your networks policies. For example you can issue a flagless oper block for helpers. This will grant umode +h as well as +wsg. With Icarus, flagless opers have no other privileges other than the use of /wallops, /globops, /locops and /chatops as well as the helpop system. Server admins get /rehash, /restart, /die and /connect by default but still can't kill user

In a Nutshell, icarus-ircd...

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