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DescriptionThis is my Pyweek 8 entry. It is a simple tube shooter inspired by the classic game Tempest. This is a solo entry.

You can download the final pyweek entry from the panel on the left.

Software DependenciesPlease note this is what the software has been developed with. Alternative versions of dependencies may work.

Python 2.5.x (not python 3.x) pyglet 1.1.2+ And if you are on Linux, you might need:

AVBin StatusCompetition over. Handed in. Bam!

Current Sceenshots

Older ScreenshotsAPRIL282009: OBJ model files from C4D can now be converted to vertex lists and displayed in OpenGL.

APRIL292009 Have bullets now. Have rewritten how everything fits together, everything is running better.

Have collision detection also.

And... position deformation and constraint inside terrain cage



In a Nutshell, imptux...



30 Day Summary

Apr 26 2015 — May 26 2015

12 Month Summary

May 26 2014 — May 26 2015



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