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My experimentation tree. The goal of this system is to be a "living" inferno tree accessible to people new to the community. With that in mind I want to explain the system in a way that people outside the systems software research community can understand. I'd also like it to encourage open development and experimentation like Caerwyn's Inferno Programmer's Notebook. Eventually I want it to be a common source for Inferno folks to keep an unstable tree with common signers and ndb/locals. That way people can see, upload and look at what everyone is working on. I'm also going to add a set of scripts to allow the quick bringup of a variety of different types of inferno installs(i.e. starting with fs, auth and cpu and moving towards something more buzzwordy like a "cloud" system).

I'd also


client-server concurrent distributed filesystems grid inferno internet limbo namespace network operating-system portable resource-sharing virtual-machine web30

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