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Analyzed over 5 years ago. based on code collected over 6 years ago.
Posted about 2 months ago by NigelButter
Using the ingres.client.dll. When using version 2.1.1020.63 I am getting the error "Data loading error DATE/TIME value not in standard format". ...
Posted 2 months ago by JohnShyneUWE
Ingres .Net Data Provider v2.0.0.0 (runtime ver 2.0.50727) .NET Framework 4 We are new to using the Ingres .NET Data Provider and have been using...
Posted 6 months ago by
Dear all, For a new application, we want to access to our Ingres DB usiing an ODBC connection in a PHP program. The connection, select, insert,...
Posted 7 months ago by darran
Hi, Will the Ingres .NET driver support the new cross platform .NET Core? I've not had a chance to try it yet, but doubt it would work "out of...
Posted 9 months ago by rhann
I just stumbled over this: IngTcl ( I had no idea it existed. Which goes to show how little attention I pay, because...
Posted 10 months ago by htoug
Rating: 5 stars Just one of the best modules! But of course I am biased - I wrote it ;-)
Posted 10 months ago by htoug
Rating: 4 stars If you use the Ingres RDBMs and Perl, then this is a *MUST*. The docs are not too good, and could do with some work. It leaks memory like a sieve, but it does work. The maintainer is nice, but awfully slow to implement patches sent to him, but he *does try* at least.
Posted 10 months ago by mothra
Rating: 2 stars I use this module a lot :) Building the module is nasty on HPUX during the make I would receive this error. "dbdimp.c", line 1: error 4036: Can't open include file '/cyp/gtac01/unixtacapps/ingres/files/eqdef.h'. I had to edit the ... [More] dbdimp.c file and change the include file from eqdef.h to eqdefc.h and the module will compile. The module is missing cached statements so it will not work with Apache::DBI :( This module needs much work. [Less]
Posted 10 months ago by Lee Goddard
Rating: 1 stars Giving this module 1/5 for 'overall' might make me seem ungrateful, but I am not - I am glad I can use DBI to perform basic operations. But DBD::Ingres does not support RVs from procedures, and does not document db_events; what is ... [More] more, it blows up when a NULL value is SELECTed, due to an inability to map to a Perl type. You'll also find some badly-handled DBI errors that you'd probably not see with a more popular DBD such as DBD::mysql. For example, "Preparing sth sth_report_result DBD::Ingres::db selectall_arrayref failed: E_LQ006B The SQLDA field SQLIND for column 1 should be a non-null pointer. [for Statement..." or "DBD::Ingres::commit(DBI::db=HASH(0x824140)) invalidates 2 active cursor(s) at .../mytest.t line 185. DBD::Ingres: Attempt to execute a statement after commit at ...sun4-solaris/ line 1595" - that latter in response to a 'commit' that should work. Ingres 9.1 is a horrible database to work with, and this module *does* make it a little easier by providing a Perl interface for some tasks. [Less]
Posted 10 months ago by mib
Rating: 5 stars An outstanding module. Of course, I'm biased too because I implemented the long/binary data type support for 0.50 (and fixed some memory leaks).