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Analyzed 4 months ago. based on code collected about 5 years ago.

InVesalius is a medical public software which aims to assist diagnosis and surgical planning. Based on a sequence of two dimensional (2D) DICOM images, acquired through computed tomography or magnetic resonance equipments, InVesalius software allows the reconstruction of virtual three dimensional (3D) models, correspondent to the anatomical region of interest. Both volume rendering and 3D surface export to STL, OBJ and other file-formats are supported.

The software has shown to be versatile, contributing with various fields, among which medicine, odontology, veterinary, archeology and engineering.

InVesalius is multi-platform (GNU Linux, Windows and MacOS X) and internationalized (English, Portuguese, French and Spanish).



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Jul 18 2011 — Aug 17 2011

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