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OverviewThis is a framework for building schedules prioritized by time and location. Written in Ruby, Perl, PHP, and Javascript. The abstraction is that you are interested in a number of groups or meetings or activities around the city. These occur at different times and different places, but at any given time you'd like to know the closest activity, and have a nice view of that. Currently the view is either a google map or list on the iphone temporally prioritized.

The main idea is that it should be easy to set up -- aimed at having one or a small number of people administering it, no need for a database.

Getting startedCheck out the code from SVN. Then configure it by

make config.phpand then fill in the details.

The model behind this is that you want to create a menu system of the following

* - State1
* - State2
* - ...
* - StateN
* - City1
* - City2
* - ...
* - CityM
* - Event1
* - Event2
* - ...
* - EventK [title,description,location]
* - Occurance1
* - Occurance2
* - ...
* - OccuranceL [DayOfTheWeek,Time,Specifics]and this model is backed by an XML file data.xml that needs to lie in every City directory. There are scripts to generate a State and a City. So to start if have a model with events occurring in three states -- New York, California, and Massachusetts, you would do the following.

$ ./create_state NewYork
$ ./create_state California
$ ./create_state MassachusettsThis will create a Makefile and index.php inside each directory. For New York, say we want to create a couple nodes for cities, we would do the following.

$ cd NewYork
$ ../create_city Brooklyn
$ ../create_city Manhattan
$ ../create_city BronxAgain, this makes directories with an index.php, Makefile, the shell of a Ruby script generate that should output to STDOUT an XML file describing the events in that city, and some other files created from create_city doing geocoding, etc. The format of that XML is the following:

So the idea is that you'll do a make in every city directory producing a data.xml and from that all the book-keeping is done to produce the schedule viewable on iphones, using google maps, etc.


geocode javascript perl php prototype ruby schedules

In a Nutshell, iphoon...

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