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The fastest way to manage files with IPs, subnets and hostnames.

why to use it over any other aggregate

It is simpler than any other aggregate.
It supports many input formats, all together in the same file.
It is faster, actually a lot faster.
Can reduce the subnets/prefixes to produce high-performing netfilter/iptables ipsets.
Can compare files with IPs to find if they overlap and to what degree.
Can find the IPs common to a set of files.
Can exclude IPs (merge a set of files while excluding all IPs matched by another set of files).

This tool is behind the scenes of http://iplists.firehol.org


cidr firewall hostname hostnames ip ipset iptables ipv4 lists net_blocks netfilter subnet subnets sysadmin tools

In a Nutshell, iprange...

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