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News 2010-02-09iRedMail-0.6.0-beta2 released 2010-01-12iRedAPD-1.1 (bug fix) released: Mail List Access Policy Daemon 2009-12-22iRedMail-0.6.0-beta1 release, works on FreeBSD now 2009-11-16iRedMail Project is listed in 'Ubuntu Marketplace for Asia' page 2009-11-01iRedMail-0.5.1 released

Supported Distributions and ArchIntroductionDocumentation & Community

Supported Distributions and Arch

OS Verson i386 x86_64 Red Hat(R) Enterprise Linux 5.x CentOS 5.x Debian 5.0.x Ubuntu 8.04, 9.04, 9.10 FreeBSD 7.x, 8.0

IntroductioniRedMail is (Download now, Installation Guide for RHEL & CentOS 5.x, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD):

mail server solution for Red Hat(R) Enterprise Linux & CentOS 5.x, Debian 5.0.x, Ubuntu 8.04/9.04, FreeBSD 7.x/8.x, support both i386 and x86_64. a shell script set, used to install and configure all mail server related software automatically. open source project (GPL v2).

iRedAdmin is (Download Now, Features, Screenshots):

Web-based iRedMail admin panel.

iRedOS is (Download now, Installation Guide):

Customized CentOS 5.x, remove unnecessary packages. Ships iRedMail.

Documentation & CommunityInstallation Guide for RHEL & CentOS 5.x, Debian, Ubuntu Community Features Success Stories Main Components How iRedMail Works Issue tracker ChangeLog


centos debian freebsd imap mail mysql openldap pop postfix redhat roundcube server ubuntu

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