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itemscript JAM (JSON Application Markup)Itemscript JAM (JSON Application Markup) makes it possible to develop rich web applications using simple, declarative statements.

itemscript JAM describes a model application that can be provisioned using simple declarations. This enables interface designers to compose rich web interfaces using simple semantics that hide the internals of their implementation.

Java developers publish itemscript APIs to expose these objects.

This gives the interface designers a way to iterate the interface design without the need to change the Java code. It also gives the Java developer the ability to refactor code without breaking the interface.

With Itemscript JAM, technical developers and interface designers iterate without getting in each others' way.

The Item Lens is a GWT client that dynamically provisions a rich web UI using itemscript JAM. The Item Store is an Apache Derby server implementation based on itemscript schema language.

Itemscript is an open standard for wrapping components. Our standard implementation is based on GWT (Google Web Toolkit). We have itemscripts based on libraries from GWT-Mosaic, GChart, Advanced GWT Components and GWT Google Maps.

Itemscript is open and extensible. As the itemscript community grows, we'll provide a directory of itemscripts for popular widget and service libraries.


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