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IxoraRMS is a tool for visualizing monitoring data. It is written in Java and has a Swing GUI. As part of my job I am involved in performance testing and I felt the need for a tool with the following characteristics:

quick to deploy able to provide rich amounts of monitoring data able to automatically update the customized data views when the topology changes and able to customize the following aspects by writing none or very little code: adding new monitoring agents data visualization adding complex reactions to trigger notifications and tuning/configuration advices

Visit ixorarms.com for more information.


jmx performancetesting linux customization monitoring_tools snmp graphing performancemonitoring performanceanalysis jmxmonitor db2 oracle weblogic notification monitoring mysql websphere advice java performance log_analysis reaction jsr160 charting wmi networkmonitoring network_monitoring visualization urlmonitoring systemmanagement system-management aix log-file-viewer performance_testing windows statistics

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