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WhatJangle (Just another generic library environment) is an experiment with middleware for library applications. If you build, use, manage or just want simple access to a library system, Jangle could be for you.

WhyThe aim of the Jangle project is to provide a free, easy to use framework for building web services for LMSs/ILSs by exposing resources through the Atom Publishing Protocol.

The goal of Jangle is to develop conventions intercommunication between the backend library services, such as ILSes and other applications and the AtomPub server (known as the Jangle "core").

By leveraging AtomPub, it eliminates the need to develop an entirely new API and allows developers to use existing client library and knowledge to easily integrate library data into new places.

WhoSeveral Jangle developers work for Talis, a major provider of library systems. More information about Talis' involvement.

However, Jangle is open source software, released under the GPL v2: see Licensing for more information. It is free for anyone to use, modify and redistribute under the terms of that licence.

The project hopes to engage with:

Developers of open source ILS software who want to develop consistent, standardised APIs for their software Developers who would like to add REST services to an ILS they have been provided by a vendor Companies interested in adding REST services to their products DocumentationUsing JangleInstalling the provided reference implementations Jangle APIThe format for requests to Jangle and responses back.

GeneralPrinciplesForSchemas BorrowerSchema ReservationSchema Prototypes/experimentsBorrowerSchemaDiscussion ( discussing the database schema for borrower info.) NCIPXMLSchemaForBorrowers (experiments with translating the NCIP requests to REST requests, and mapping borrower model onto NCIP responses) DevelopersHow to write a Jangle Connector for your ILS Example of how to import your own data into the Base connector


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